VeneziaJazz 2014

“An artist to whom I’m very fond of, he is one of the guitarist I like more”

Toninho Horta


Corriere della Sera – 4 giugno 2012

“I have known Antonio for twenty years and beyond to be an extraordinary musician is also a true friend. But the first phase of his career was influenced by my personality and that in the long run could be a limit. But Onorato has worked hard and with great obstinacy and I think he has achieved a strong identity. For example, is the only guitarist to use the breath guitar (Yamaha G10) offering unique acoustic results”.  

Pat Metheny


Il Tempo, 19 gennaio 2013

“In music today, experiments are new and it is important to be positive and always expect something good and interesting. Among my favorites is Antonio Onorato who continues to do and have interesting ideas.”

Pino Daniele


Ravenna 1984

“I would have liked to be able to play the Guitar like you do at 20”

John Scofield


DivinoJazz, settembre 2007

“When I listen to Antonio playing, It makes me think there are so other many jobs, that I could have done… When he plays, I’m moved”

Franco Cerri


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