Vento nelle mani, musica nel cuore

Wind in the hands, music in the heart
(© 2005 – Antonio Onorato e Michele Miscia – Sigma | Gruppo editoriale Esselibri)

Book + CD in the Noteinedite series directed by Antonio Onorato

The “Guiding Spirit” is the intangible, ethereal, indefinable entity whose presence can be felt in the voice that emanates from within. In truth, every human being has a Spirit Guide who rides on the steed of the most complete freedom, in the immense prairies of the soul, penetrating the most neglected canyons, obscure ravines of the psyche, accompanying individuals, always and in any case, in the deserts of existence, often dried up by solitude. You can see the signs of it in the polychrome vestiges that the undertow of dreams scatters on the morning shores of the alert consciousness: a kaleidoscope of colours that manifests itself, for just a moment, when the eyes open to wakefulness and the mind returns to immerse itself in the illusory visions of everyday life.