Spiritual quest

Suoni della Luce (Sounds of Light)

Words and music intertwine to offer access to invisible worlds.
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was made flesh’ says John’s Gospel…
“In the beginning was Om and Om was Brahman’, says the Vedas…
The Sound generated the Universe, the Creation. The Energy that gives Life to Life, guardian of your multidimensionality.
In the vastness of the prairies of the heart, in the infinite unfolding of ultra-planetary life, in the hidden unboundedness of the Universe, lies, waiting, the answer to all questions, the key to all doors.
One has to look up to the sky to discover that the Light of the stars is actually projected onto the Earth. So why should one’s existence follow the thread of a distant gaze? The Universe is not far away, but is concealed in the Flame of the heart.
So many words are used for definitions, while clear is the sound of our World interconnected with the multidimensional emotional spiritual Universe. Sound is that which unites. Sound produces Light. And Light Truth.
Words intertwine with Music.
Words and Music from the Invisible Worlds.
Sounds… Sounds of Light.

Mater Lucania

Travelling through the streets of Lucania, I rediscovered my oldest, most ancestral origins.

Lucania, its rivers, the gorges between the mountains that remind me so much of the canyons of the Native Americans, the hawks that hover above us, enjoying the warm updrafts of July, the hot summer evenings, immersed in unspoilt nature, playing the guitar with the cicadas under the canopy of a tree, sheltered from the scorching sun, or at night with the crickets under a beautiful starry sky. Armento, a magical town, Baragiano with its Greek ruins in the Archeoparco, Aliano with its houses with eyes, so dear to Carlo Levi, to name but a few, have remained in my heart.

With my friend Vincenzo Bavuso, a musician of Lucanian origin, we have tried to set to music the feelings and emotions we have experienced on the roads, in the woods, in the historical and religious monuments, in the archaeological ruins, in the rivers, in the villages, all very characteristic, the beautiful people, the land of Lucania. This land still retains a primordial character, where the presence of nature is very strong.

Let us remember that we belong to the land and it is not the land that belongs to us. And that is why Mater Lucania.

Angelus - Antonio Onorato

Today more than ever, we all need our angel, the “Spirit Guide” which is the intangible, ethereal and indefinable entity whose presence is felt in the voice which emanates from inner life, from our consciousness. The Spirit Guide, our Guardian Angel is a friend at our complete and constant disposal. Represents a bridge between our limited material and the infinite freedom of spiritual spaces, a natural harbor for those who have decided to practice the way of creativity. In fact, there is a Higher Consciousness, the bearer of a universal knowledge: a collective intelligence, or if you will, cosmic consciousness which everything is a part, including us. For me, the Angels are also those that are most connected to everything and have the task of enlightening the eyes of those less able to connect with All …. The great people of the Native Americans say: Mitakuye Oyasin … we are all connected … We are one.”

Native Spirits - Enzo De Caro

A Native Spirit is something difficult to grasp with words… We can manage the music, maybe dance… And yet, it is not something ‘outside’ of us, but inside, so deep that perhaps, we have lost contact. The culture and history of The Native Americans is the living testimony of this mysterious gift that the Spirit has done to Mother Earth, the planet we live in and that is an integral part of our being so ‘as we are part of an ‘indissoluble union, for the whole that the Native is not even under discussion, so it is clear. And they are right. Today more than ever we are seeing the consequences of human-environmental separation, mind-body, individual and society. From a human and anthropological. The great people of the Indians by now are at high risk of extinction, if not on the immediate physical plane, certainly on the Spiritual plane: “The problem is that the great spirits of our ancestors can not incarnate intothe sick bodies of our children .. “These are true words, touching and terrible which was said to me at a peace meeting by one of the Native leaders of New Mexico. Drugs, alcohol and welfare state have killed the bodies of the young ‘warriors,’ but the Native Spirit is stronger and does not know resignation, as the great soul of the peoples of the world, children of the stars… Hence the need, as the need to bring words, thoughts and ideas of the authentic world of the American Indian a little more in our lives, in our society as ‘advanced’ but so thirsty, and in need of Spirit, Native …

The Chakras & Music - Antonio Onorato

The Chakras are fundamental elements of the human body (such as real organs) we are not usually used to playing an important role as regards to the maintenance of health, energy and harmony of spiritual progress. They usually appear as vortices which absorb or emit energy in the form of vibrations.

Through the chakras we can capture the beneficial energy of absolute space and forward it to those who need help or harmonize disharmonious and negative vibrations (hatred, resentment, envy, anger …)

Spiritual Leaders teach us that in order to absorb the beneficial energy of the Universe, “meditation” is needed. Meditation doesn’t only mean having your eyes closed, trying to make a mental void in a typical yoga position, you can meditate while walking under a starry sky, pausing to look at the wonders of nature with love (the sea, the sunset…) or listen to music when it is pure and true, or play, paint and pray. Meditation is also compassion for others.
For Tibetan lamas, each chakra corresponds to a musical note of the natural scale (C major), a color (the seven colors of the rainbow) and a planet. Coinciding with the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes of six of the planets of our solar system.

  • The musical note “DO” for Tibetans, relates to red, with Planet Mars and the first Chakra, the root chakra located at the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals which is the base of the Kundalini, ‘vital energy of the physical body anchored to the Earth. The astrological signs concerned are Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn.
  • The musical note “RE” relates to orange which Tibetans consider is part of red, is therefore also under the influence of Mars. Corresponds to the second chakra which is located below the navel, the base of emotions and emotionality. The astrological signs ruling are Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.
  • The musical note “MI”, relates to yellow is in Mercury. It corresponds to the third chakra located between the solar plexus and the umbilical area, the donor ability, eloquence, quick observation and personal power. The astrological signs ruling are Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.
  • The musical note “FA” relates to green and the Planet Venus. Corresponds to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, therefore love and compassion. The astrological signs ruling are Leo and Libra.
  • The musical Note “SOL” vibrates with blue, regulated by Mercury and corresponds to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, truth and communication. Harmonizes thoughts and feelings. The astrological signs ruling are Gemini, Taurus and Aquarius.
  • The musical note “LA” corresponds to the sixth chakra, the brow (forehead) and clairvoyance chakra (also called “the third eye”). Its color is indigo and the planet which corresponds to them is Saturn. The astrological ruling signs are Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces.
  • The musical note “SI” vibrates with violet and corresponds to the seventh chakra, located at the crown of the head. (also known as the third eye). Its planet is Neptune. This chakra has a particular appeal as it is the chakra of bliss and the input channel of cosmic energies. It is also known as the chakra of consciousness Dionica. The astrological ruling signs are Capricorn and Pisces .

Although men are rendered deaf by habit, meditating using musical notes, visualizing colors, visualizing the chakra which takes new life from the sound of energy, does nothing but sharpen our “ears”, allowing us to return consciously to the harmonious aim of the Universe.


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