ANTONIO ONORATO World Music-Jazz-Rock Napoletano


World renown guitarist and composer, Antonio Onorato, from Naples, Italy, will be coming to play here in Central PA during mid-April 2010.

During the course of Antonio’s music career, he has recorded and released over 18 albums, all of which is his own original compositions. His most recent cd is titled,”Lakota Blues’: was released in february 2023.

He plays 4 different guitars with precision, grace, beauty, talent and extraordinary skill. His style of jazz is a fusion of several different world cultures that influences his compositions. His works have been influenced by African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern and Native American cultures. He fuses Afro-American music with traditional Neapolitan music, to create a new blend of jazz, ”Neapolitan Jazz”. Naples is known musically for the romantic guitar and classical music. Now fuse that sound with other world cultures music, as well as our American jazz … Antonio’s music is
unique, beautiful and amazing! He first presented this style to the New York City community when he performed at the Blue Note in 2005.

Antonio is also the only musician in the world to play the ”Breath Guitar’: an extraordinary revolutionary instrument. He has invented a personal technique that allows him to play the guitar as if it were a woodwind.

Antonio Onorato considers his guitar to be a messenger of peace and love against the injustices of the world.