Concert event at the Alexanderplatz in Rome

After the sold-out performance in the past few days at the Blue Note in Milan, Antonio Onorato presented a preview of some tracks from his new CD ‘Dedicato to Napule’s Power’ at the Alexanderplatz Jazz Club in Rome on 29 January (in the photo by Stefano Carsetti Esposito a moment of the concert). This exciting concert was accompanied with intensity and great skill by Angelo Farias on bass and Gianmarco Tarallo on drums.

The event was introduced by Renato Marengo, who conceived and promoted in the 1970s the ‘Napule’s Power’ movement. He strongly wished to entrust the sounds of Antonio Onorato’s magical electric guitars with the task of paying a great tribute to this musical movement, which he recently recounted in his book published by Tempesta editore. So, he mad the decision to produce a CD and LP for Artis Records/Cramps Music in which Onorato has rearranged the songs and sounds of that incredible artistic season in his own highly original way.