“Lakota Blues” New Album to be released on 27th January

Blues and jazz sounds mixed with Native American music in Antonio Onorato’s new album, ‘Lakota Blues’.

This new release is strongly characterised by the sound of crunchy and distorted electric guitars and the ever-present “breath guitar”, which harks back to the ancestral and ethnic sounds of the Native American flute. Onorato’s fluid and at times dramatic phrasing winds its way through tracks like ‘Lakota Blues’, ‘Guitar crying’, ‘Sad blues’, giving us typically Onorato-esque stylistic forays into songs like ‘Lemon Leaves’… Neapolitan Lydian scales! Moreover, the rock/ballad ‘For Eric…’ stands out as a beautiful dedication to the great blues guitarist Eric Clapton.

‘Lakota Blues’ will be available from January 27 on all digital platforms.